Many scammers under cheap online loans

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Cheap credits are available online in many places, but it is wise to handle them with care. The number of online scammers is large, according to a report from the Economic Inspectorate. Hundreds of complaints were also received last year about scammers on the internet, who tried to trick consumers and organizations into a cheap loan.

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Again a very large number of complaints

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The number of complaints was very high for the first time in 2013, when it was 469 complaints. This represented a considerable increase compared to, for example, 2011, a few years earlier. Things did not improve much in 2014, the number of complaints eventually amounted to 467. This means that the number is more or less the same as in 2013, while the various supervisors are working hard to reduce the number of online scammers. However, it seems that more and more people are desperately looking for a credit and then even engage with the less reliable parties.


Consumers and recognized organizations

Consumers and recognized organizations

Remarkably, it is not only consumers who have filed a complaint about the unreliable online credit providers. Among the complaints we find consumers, but also lawyers and recognized organizations. They lodged their complaint with the Financial Inspectorate’s cell, so that they have the opportunity to do something about it collectively. Anyone who has fallen victim to financial malpractice can report there, so that a good picture can be created of the internet pirates who are active in this area.


Foreign lenders and internet pirates

Foreign lenders and internet pirates

According to the inspectorate, it is mainly foreign lenders who play an important role in fraud practices at the moment. In addition, internet pirates are active, who place tempting advertisements and then saddle people with high costs. In many cases it is the social media and email that are used as a sales channel. In this way, customers are tempted to take out a cheap credit, whereby the cheap nature ultimately turns out to be far off. Only 1 in 10 complaints concerns one of the four major banks, which makes it seem that they have a much better plan for their affairs in this area.

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