How Can You Successfully Invest In P2P Credit?

Peer-to-peer credit (also known as ‘P2P credit’) is the financial framework that connects lenders and borrowers via an online platform, without a bank acting as a third party. This lack of intermediaries – and the associated lower costs – make P2P loans an attractive investment opportunity. It is not news: deposit savings accounts do not […]

Prepaid credit card is gaining popularity

The prepaid credit card has been gaining popularity lately. The postal company ConPost Credit has sold 350,000 such cards since its launch at the beginning of 2012, of which more than 265,000 are still being actively used. The prepaid card is also a success at Belfius, with around 150,000 customers using it.    Hundreds of […]

Cash loan for indebted people

Excessive debt affects more and more people. However, this is not a shame, but a sign to take the right steps and take finances in your own hands. With us you will get a loan for those in debt without additional security up to 350 thousand USD, no matter how complicated your situation is. With […]

Many scammers under cheap online loans

Cheap credits are available online in many places, but it is wise to handle them with care. The number of online scammers is large, according to a report from the Economic Inspectorate. Hundreds of complaints were also received last year about scammers on the internet, who tried to trick consumers and organizations into a cheap […]

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Adjustment of housing bonus can lead to $ 30,000 less credit

An adjustment of the housing bonus will take place on 1 January, which can have major consequences, particularly for high-income families. Cream Bank states that the consequences of this are underestimated for anyone who is planning to take out a mortgage loan from 1 January to purchase a home. High-income families will lose $ 170 per […]

ID card loan – a way to get cash without certificates

Currently, people who need funding for different purposes have a lot more options to choose from than just a bank loan. One of the convenient solutions is certainly an ID card loan. A minimum of formalities and simplified procedures for awarding this type of commitment mean that many people are eager to use this option. […]

Bank loan versus non-bank loan

You used to go to the bank for a loan as standard, but with the advent of the internet, the financial world has changed enormously. For example, non-bank financing in the Netherlands has increased sharply in recent years. According to research by Best Bank. This is in contrast to loans taken out with the bank. […]

Loan for rental guarantee often difficult to take out

At least half of the banks in Belgium do not grant tenants a loan for the rent guarantee, while they are obliged to do so. According to a study by the University of Ghent. Banking federation Febelfin does not agree with the figures, but researcher Sierge Van Hale indicates that he has received many e-mails […]